Wordmark Logo Tutorial in Illustrator

21. April 2015 News 0
Wordmark Logo Tutorial in Illustrator

In this video I show you a wordmark logo tutorial in illustrator.  Follow along and see if you learn some new tools.  If you need a logo and aren’t tech savvy the just go to my logo design page.

“Hey and welcome back, today I’m going to show you how I did my name. I’m going to try to show you how I did this as quickly as I can.

-type text of logo out, HouTs, make it bold-

Alright there we go. Alright so, first thing we need to do is create outlines from the text. Yea, get off of the type tool, then go to type and you can create outlines. I’m going to select the H move it over here, the rest of this.

I think I did actually squish these a bit in the character setting, but I can do that manually, and so this is just a basic start to this. Alright now, get this the right size. Not exactly sure how I did this originally so bear with me.

-trying to remember how it was originally done-

That’s one way to do it but I know thats not what I did. I’m actually going to recreate these kinda manually, since its just a 3 part letter. It will actually be easier for me to do it this way than figure out how I did it or come up with a new way. They seem to be a little bit fatter than that so we will adjust some…

Alright for this one. Go ahead and convert the point, grab the selection tool and drag the handles, and uh, alright… That’s pretty much it I’m going to slam this over just a little bit more. Alright so here we go we’ll select all of this then we’ll go over here to the pathfinders and make that one solid piece. I can go ahead and get rid of this now (original letter H).

Alright so that’s the first part. Now to do, well this version doesn’t have it but the other version has kind of a gradient on each of the letters. Ungroup this and make sure I can select each of the letters individually, and select the gradient tool. Alright…(drags gradient across letters) just a little adjusting to get these the way I want them. Alright so, once I have that set now I need to create the shine, right.

-creating the shape for the shine, create 2 ovals, create a rectangle and cut the ovals from the rectangle-

I’m going to make this area, so I”m going to make a block. Lets cut this out a couple different ways… This is kinda a strange part here but I really have no clue how I did this (created the curve shape). Add an anchor point in the middle, um convert… alright. Then we’ll go over here and kind of try to do the same thing, even though I don’t have the third bubble over there I can kinda pretend. Move this down about here and convert this the same way.

That looks pretty good to me. That may not be how I did it but that’s somewhat like it, got the right kind of effect anyway. Now what we do here is duplicate this (the text logo) and bring this over here. (the copied part over top the curved area). (When I first minus front it deleted parts I wanted, It can be done this way but it was more steps than dividing) Let me divide. Ctrl Alt G and then we can delete all this. Select all this, make it white, remove the outline and move it above the original part. Zoom in close to get it lined up.

Another gradient here, this isn’t how I did it originally but it works better. (the original gradiant goes through white-transparent-white, from left to right) Now we’ll drag the gradient from bottom up. OK. And here ya go the only other thing we do is copy this and create a kind of drop shadow…..

Hope you enjoyed it…”