Spam Checking Expired domains Fast

05. February 2016 News 0
Spam Checking Expired domains Fast

Finding expired domains with good metrics is tough enough, then spam checking them can also be an intense process. I made a quick video where I spam checked about 5 domains in just a few minutes. The trouble usually is that loads real slow and moving from domain to domain checking can take a bit of time. It is a process I generally break up into segments and only do once the domain has already been checked for DA, and TF.

I personally cut off my TF at 15 and my DA at 10. Moz’s DA can be a good measure of power but it can also not show well on good domains.┬áDA is more a measure of the amount of links than it is a measure of the quality of the links coming in.

My process after I filter out the sites that don’t meet my metrics preferences is to open just 3 tabs.

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Once all of these checks are passed if I am picking it up for my personal network I also check the anchor texts in ahrefs. Their network is a bit larger than Majestic so if there are any spammy anchor texts that I didn’t see in Majestic I will find them there. Generally if the domain passed the initial test it doesn’t have any issues.