Sites I’ve Ranked: Still Ranking?

28. April 2016 News 0
Sites I’ve Ranked: Still Ranking?

So you may wonder what’s happened with my old case studies, my old clients.  Are they still ranking? Does the work I do continue to work after I stop building links?

I don’t remove links that I’ve built. I don’t remove listings from local listings sites I’ve added you to. Here is one of the main targets from my plumbing case study. It still ranks on the first page. I don’t check it very often and the rankings do a little moving around (probably because of the lack of attention).


Looking at another client’s results for they’ve still got 1, 2, and 3 with their site, Facebook page, and Yelp listing. I haven’t touched that site in over 18 months.

Its not often that I go back and check on old work to see if it’s still going strong. Its good to see that clients can expect to keep their rankings.