SEO case study Update

02. September 2015 News 0
SEO case study Update

So I haven’t updated anything about the plumbing case study in a bit, its been steady in the teens and slowly creeping up. I’ve been sending a PBN link weekly to it sometimes a bit more. I have a buffer web 2.0 that I’m using to send the juice through which has better exact match for the terms I’m targeting.

So first things first, it hasn’t hit the first page for the original set of terms I was targeting, I am shopping around for some different rank tracking software that I can use. My requirements are, 1 time fee, fast rank checking, and the ability to send reports (preferably automatically). I’m leaning toward the SEO powersuite’s tool right now as it has everything I’m actually looking for. I was using traffic travis but I don’t want to have to scrape proxies every time I need to do another check. It was good for 1 or 2 websites with a low # of keywords but since I have expanded a bit I need a bit more.


I had tried the suite before and I liked it but the huge cost difference made me go with traffic travis at that time. I just never did change because of the complications of setting up all my campaigns on a new system wasn’t something I wanted to do.

What happened when I set up the SEO powersuite ranktracker

I ran my checks and found I was ranking #5 for a term I had somehow missed when setting up the original tracking. I ran checks again later just to see if it was just a fluke and it was #2. There are tons of rank checkers out there and one of the convenient ones I use often is an online tool, you’ve seen captures of my rankings from whatsmyserp many times if you’ve been following me for a while.


So enough about Rank Tracking, How are the rest of my keywords ranking?

As I mentioned earlier they are mostly slowly climbing and they’ve been on the second page since just a short time after I started this study. One of the terms was at #11 today, and previously the best I had shown was #13.