Before After Old Photos Restored

21. April 2015 News 0
Before After Old Photos Restored

Recently, I took on a project to create a video for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. I had to get some old photos restored to could use them to form a slideshow. Some of the photos had an orange tint due to their age; others had been printed on old, textured photo paper; and a few of them were smudged, dusty, and even had dirt stuck to them. They were not in ideal condition. In order to ensure that my video/slideshow would be a hit, I first had to clean up these dingy photos.

baby photo beforebaby photo after

Look at the difference here. It is amazing how a few simple keystrokes restored this photo to its former vibrancy! The texture has been removed, and the colors have been enhanced by increasing the saturation. In order to accomplish this drastic change, I used photoshop. If you are in need of  photo editing we provide this as a service.


before photo editafter photo edit

This next photo poses a different problem. The face of the boy is hidden by a shadow. By lightening the mid-tones and shadows, the boy’s face appears lighter, and he is more easily identifiable. Also, I brightened the entire photo, making it appear more festive for the Easter season. Did you notice the basket?


before photo editingafter photo editing

Above on the left is another orange photo I revamped. At least a third of the photos I had to work with were orange-tinted. Once the proper adjustments were made, the colors from all of these older photographs were easily revived. Don’t they look nice?

I hope my sister-in-law has a wonderful baby shower, and I really hope everyone enjoys these newly edited photos. Did I mention I was using them to create a video? I’ll be sure to post a link to it after the shower. I’d hate to ruin the surprise.