Keeping Up with Web Development

21. April 2015 News 0
Keeping Up with Web Development

Each time I come across a new trend or style of building websites, I wonder: should I be keeping up with web development in my own site?  The most recent innovations to catch my eye are responsive design and grid layouts.  Neither of these are particularly new, but responsive website designs work particularly well for mobile devices without needing a separate design.  So, despite the fact that my site is already mobile friendly, and the fact that I’ve already redone my site a few times, I feel the need to use this new responsive framework I’ve found and implement it into my website.  I am also thinking about using a grid layout or creating a grid layout template for future use.

Responsive layouts vs Mobile versions

Responsive websites adjust according to the browsers width.  This works very nicely, but has its disadvantages. Adjusting to the browsers width seems like a great idea, but what happens to elements that are built to be large, such as banners or large images?  Some templates deal with this problem by having a header that isn’t visible on mobile devices.  This is a double-edged sword. What if the banner looks great on a tablet but doesn’t show up when the site is viewed from a mobile device?  Mobile versions are great because you have control over how a mobile visitor sees your site.  The disadvantage is that another version of the site must be created. In addition people with tablets may still be looking at a website designed for a phone or vice versa.  Which is better?  It is difficult to say. In the past, I would have gone with a mobile version. When I looked at some of the responsive designs today, I was so impressed that I changed my mind.

Look for the video tutorial later this week

If everything goes as planned, and I don’t get swamped suddenly, look for a video with me adjusting the blank responsive template for my website.  I’m feeling inspired and think this would be a great addition to my website.  I will be using The Wright Framework by Joomlashack.  It has a variety of module positions to work with, and it will hopefully convert well once I’ve recreated the ‘look’ of my site.  Well, I’m off to look at the template and work on some CSS.