HoutsGraphics has Expert SEO Services on Source Market

30. July 2015 News 0
HoutsGraphics has Expert SEO Services on Source Market

If you haven’t been around for SEO for very long you may not have heard about Source-Wave of any of Alex Becker’s Source products.  Well opening in just a day is Source market where you can get all of the SEO Services from members of our exclusive group.  It is even open to people to join. Source market is a bit like fiverr and other sites like it. It is however also quite different. By promoting a service on Source-Market you’re getting an extra benefit, you receive an extra 15% commission on other sales through the market. That’s right and you don’t need to even have a service to get a commission. I have started with 2 services and I will be extending my store shortly.

My first service offers links from my high power PBN network, contextual links which are seen as the most important. These powerful PBN sites will always have less than 20 outbound links so you will be sure that the juice you get from them will remain strong. I just got a new set of PBN domains and will be setting up a whole variety of niches as they are needed to keep up with the orders already rolling in. ORDER HERE

I also have a service which I create a branded network with FCS networker of web 2.0 sites and social properties. This is great for branding and reputation management. Anyone can create these web 2.0 sites and put shoddy information making it look like it was your company. Use THIS SERVICE to keep that from happening to you.


7 pack and listing











Would you like to have 4 of the top 6 results in Google? What is that worth?  Well it just depends on what you do and how much you would like to be found. Do you want the #1 map result, along with the #2 organic result? Both of these clients maintain these rankings after working with me for some time. I no longer promote them on a monthly basis, and they’ve still kept ranking with this much power.

What about some other services? Gregory Ortiz who ranks for New York SEO and provides an excellent service with PBN domains also has his service there. Get the Expired Domains