Finally getting ranked for SEO Houston

02. August 2015 News 0
Finally getting ranked for SEO Houston

I hadn’t done much as far as effort to rank for terms around Houston SEO, that is until I posted an article on one of my IFTTT networks.  That was on July 24th, and I wasn’t in the top 300 for any terms with Houston and SEO in them.  My strategy had been to rank for the outlying towns closer to where I was located.  I am doing that, but I wasn’t getting the traffic or calls that I wanted by ranking for the terms around Tomball SEO, Magnolia SEO, or The Woodlands SEO.  So I decided to made a dedicated effort with 3 parts, restructuring my website to rank for many areas instead of the nearby towns, drip feeding links to my website with various terms similar to Houston SEO, the third part is a secret strategy I used which hides more of where my power is coming from.


These are my results so far, each term listed shows where I rank for that term, and in order, my current rank, the rank last time I checked, and my highest rank. So today I broke onto the third page for SEO Expert Houston.  I have been ranking well for quite some time for Tomball SEO service, as well as Magnolia SEO Service but those terms don’t have nearly the traffic associated with the terms around Houston. So that’s where I am after just 9 days since I ‘grabbed the bull by the horns’.

I have no expectations of getting to the first page without a struggle, but I know if I am concistant with my efforts and i continue doing the powerful techniques I know have worked in the past and continue working, along with my new techniques I’ll get there. In other news you can order some of what I do to rank my own sites from me at Source-Wave Market.  I ranked many videos by using a technique of embedding the videos across my powerful web 2.0 properties. I also use PBN links to rank my sites as well as links I get from linksmanagement.