Chronicle Business of the week

21. April 2015 News 0
Chronicle Business of the week

This is the article written in the Houston Chronicle featuring me.

Houts Graphics touts its customer service

Houts Graphics has been providing graphic design services in the Tomball area for a little more than a year. The company, staffed by experienced graphic designers, offers web design, photo editing, logo design and video creation and designs printed advertising materials for local businesses. As a small business Houts Graphics is confident it provides customers with more individualized attention than its competitors. Details
Address: Tomball area
Hours: By appointment
Phone: 832-422-7483 or 832-385-7092
What you’ll find: Logo designs, photo editing, video creation, web design, and printed advertising materials such as business cards and brochures.
What they’re saying: “Trying to keep the customer is my No. 1 (business philosophy).  Customer satisifaction is No. 1 (because it creates) loyalty, and that’s what you need. I’m a small company, so I can provide more attention to individual customers than some fo these people who have too many clients.” -Alan Leenhous, owner