How to Choose a Website Color Scheme

21. April 2015 News 0
How to Choose a Website Color Scheme

In less than 30 seconds your viewer has made their first impression of your company in their subconscious based on the colors you’ve chosen for your site. This article is to help you with how to choose a website color scheme. Keeping this in mind when designing logos, websites, and brochures is important for designers and is important for business owners to think about when looking at potential designs.

How is your color scheme attracting or pushing away potential clients?


bold, serious, distinguishing and suggests authority. Black is a very traditional, classy color. It works well for a background but not on websites. Save this for your type color.


faithful and dignified,suggests security and authority. It is the most popular color and the second most powerful. It promotes serenity and clarity and denotes intellect and precision. It is very elegant in darker tones. Blue can be refreshing, icy mountain water, pure and calming. Blue can also have a sad denotation. For business suggests sanctuary and fiscal responsibility. Because it suppresses appetite it makes a bad choice for food products and restaurants.


solid and reliable it suggests richness, politeness, helpfulness and effectiveness. Brown is the color of earth and is abundant in nature. Tan shows genuineness and makes a great background for websites, while dark brown gives the feel of wood or leather.


health, fertility, freedom, healing, tranquility, freshness and jealousy. In today’s society it has an environmental meaning adding to its health and nature meanings. Green is tranquil and nurturing and the easiest color to see. It means go in traffic and can mean correct when juxtaposed with red (green check marks, red X marks). It to communicates status and wealth in business. It is the easiest on the eye and a calming, refreshing color. Green is one of the most popular food colors.


strong and ambitious, exciting, pleasurable cool and cheerful. It catches the eye well and is good for adding emphasis. It has the strength of red with out the connotations of anger. Orange also stimulates the appetite, but because orange gives an impression of cheapness it does not work well for expensive foods.


innocence, well being, and gentleness. Pink is THE color for advertising anything girly. Pale pink is used all over for baby related items and lotions. Pink food products can attract a sweet tooth. Pink has such a strong association with femininity it doesn’t work for most business applications.


sophistication, authority and royalty, luxury and wealth. Women find purple irresistible with its elegant qualities. It is also somewhat feminine and most popular with teenage girls. It works well with potential artistic clients, it is quite rare in nature and can seem fake.


energy, vitality, power, and vigor. An extremely powerful color, the first color babies can see. It commands attention and is associated with passion and sex as well. Red has the ability to physically affect people, increasing the breathing and pulse rate, and suits anything exciting. Red can arouse both men and women and therefore is widely used in lipstick and nail polishes, it also is used most in restaurant color schemes because it increases appetite.


refined, purity, devotion, contemporary and truthfulness. White is widely used with cleaning products. For business it can be sterile and refreshing, and modern. The best color on the web for a background color.


happy, energetic, warm, rejuvenating  sunshine, cheer, happiness, jealousy deceit and cowardice. It is the color of sunshine shining on yellow daises  Yellow does not work well with men perhaps seeming “cheap.” Business wise it makes a good accent. Yellow enhances concentration, but can be hard on the eye to perceive. It can be overpowering if overused.