How to Blend Multiple Images in Photoshop

21. April 2015 News 0
How to Blend Multiple Images in Photoshop

blend multiple images in photoshopIn this video I show you how to use the masking tool in Photoshop to cleanly blend multiple images in Photoshop into a banner type image.  I also remove the background on a few images in order to place those over the blend of photographs.  I took a few photographs of kayak fishermen and by using the masking tool in conjunction with the gradient tool created a selection that smoothly fades out.  I then deleted that smooth fade and placed the next photograph under the faced area.  This blends it well.  I then took a couple ‘sponsor’ type images and removed the backgrounds of those images with the magic wand tool and I think also by squeezing the selection a bit to take that extra ‘white line’ from around those images.

Uses for a Banner with Fades

Usually you see these types of images for car advertisements that will show you various interior images and also profiles of the car.  This can be a very effective image to convey a message, show contrast, or give a better view of something than can be done in a single photograph.  These are also often used with portraits that show both the front view and profile of a subject in the same photograph.

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